Peter house

  • Client: Peter and Chananya Seidler
  • Location: Mae Rim (near prem international school
  • Year: 2015
  • Description: The location of this house is surrounded by mountain view and grass field view. So, we want the owner of the house can be able to connect with the beautiful surrounding by using a lot of glass for the wall.  We also concern a lot about the cross ventilation, that’s why we provide a big space at the south side of the house to allow natural wind to cross the house. The owner have 3 kids and they would like to be able to see them play while they are doing their stuff. So, we created a nice courtyard in the middle of the house to be a natural playground for the kids with the swimming pool at the end. Last but not least we concern very much about the heat so we designed a lot of sun shade which will protect the house from strong sun but still get the nice views.


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