San Pee Sue

  • Client:
  • Location: San pee sue, Chiang Mai
  • Year: 2014
  • Description:  The project consist of several buildings organized around small courtyards (‘’Kuang’’ in lanna language). We developed a model of building with two rooms for long stay clients. In order to create a village feeling and cosy atmosphere in the whole site, this building respect a house scale by its proportions and organization. Our main purpose was to create a modern architecture inspired by the lanna traditional art of construction. So we had to design between the contemporary functions and expectations (high ceilings, large openings, comfort standards…) and our desire to work with the lanna elements of architecture (materials, roofing, patterns…). The result is a project where modern and lanna architecture are only one. But the key issue of our approach is not about appearance, is not just about style. In order to design an interesting mix of old and contemporary architecture, we have to understand what is lanna culture in terms of spaces and uses. That’s how we can create a building that not just looks like lanna but is deeply lanna in each facet of its conception and use.
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