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Eco House Wood Houses Advantages

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Eco House Wood Houses Advantages

The wood as biomass represents the sun energy accumulation along with the carbon from air and minerals from the ground, in the growth process of the trees (photosynthesis) and then the transformation in tissues that within a year form a growth ring (yearly ring).

The accumulation of the yearly rings during the years forms the wood itself that represents another form of energy, a living resource, regenerable, with many uses.

In conclusion we could say the the wood is the sun energy knitted by God with earth elements into a living process – growth process.

We, people, as inhabitants of this planet, have to respect this gift (the wood), we have to use it in our buildings as nicer as possible, so that in absolute balance with the nature to achieve what God has given us.Environmental Architecture.

As an energy resource and raw material, the wood has to be rationally exploited and rationally used.

Rational exploitation means capitalisation of the wood that reached the age of exploitation, but with a continue assurance of a new forest, by sylvic treatments and afforestation projects.

Rational use means wood processing on a high level, using it in constructions in many varied and useful ways, using modern technologies.

In constructions field the wood is a raw material used for thousands of years, but nowadays when the planet’s resources diminishes, the wood has to be appreciated and used with skills and respect.

Appreciating the wood we are appreciating the environment and ourselves. Following that idea, we are doing our work as wood houses constructors with skills, responsibility and professionalism, wishing to bring into your homes the sunlight improved by the wood’s nobless and beauty.

Our common duty is to understand that we have to live in balance with the nature and not to dominate it, in order to pass to our children the joy of breathing a pure air on a clean planet.

Wood houses building advantages:
Regenerative raw material – positive energetic result.
Healthy indoor climate even for allergic persons.
Energy efficiency, for cold and warm.
Earthquakes resistance.
Fast building between 8 -12 weeks.
Fast assembling between 2 – 14 days.
Guarantee quality due to a high prefabrication.
Very advantageous quality / price ratio.

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